The purpose of this site is to spread the idea that our genetic code is written and transmitted in a binary digital format. This is the same format we use in our modern electronics.

If you want to discuss and contribute to these ideas, please join the following Google group Binary Nature of DNA.

In the Going Binary section, we see how it is theoretically possible to change our view of our genetic code to a binary view. This happens seamlessly, without questioning anything that the scientific world has proven so far. The binary code simply emerges from the current quaternary code (a code based on the four bases A, T, G, C).

The Three Theories section shows the three theories I have put forward. In this section, you will also find additional material and external links on concepts important for the understanding of these three theories.

The SYMI Hypothesis section shows a very interesting observation I made, which, by bringing together key concepts from Thermodynamics and Information Theory, shows that our genetic information is encoded on the DNA molecule in the most efficient way.

The Arkadian Algorithms section shows a hypothetical error correction mechanism that explains what we see in our protein synthesis process as a sophisticated error correction mechanism.

The ideas explained here are part of my book, BINARY NATURE. You can read more about the book and find out where it is available for sale here.